Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gathering in the Desert Postponed


Mike and I have been talking about Gathering in the Desert 2017 and we have come to a decision of postponing the event to a further date. There are a few factors that have made us push back the event.

The biggest factor is the status of the new edition of the rules. It is no secret that we are getting a revamp of the 1st edition rules. The rumor mill is that Warlord is only going to update the rules by adding in the errata and clarify certain rules. 

While this sounds fine, we have seen many game companies "update" the rules which has changed them completely and we just want to make sure this doesn't happen with the latest edition.

Along with the update of the main rules, the Germany army book is getting updated as well. We don't know what this update will do, but we would rather see first what the changes are.

So for now, Gathering in the Desert will be pushed back until we have had a chance to evaluate the newest changes and see if we should continue with Bolt Action.

Another reason to push the event back is that there is another Bolt Action event happening in Las Vegas in Febuarary at the Las Vegas Open. Now this event doesn't effect us since it is a two weeks before GitD, but I would like to see what they do with the new rules and let them do a shake down tourney with the new rules.

And lastly, we are thinking of possibly changing GitD to another system, talks have been about Konflict 47, since it is close to Bolt Action and this member of the staff would like to do,a Blood Bowl event. So we are going to take some time to decide which way we want to go with GitD.

So we apoligize for any issues this may cause, but we want to make sure we run a stellar event and are familiar with which ever rules or games we do.


Monday, February 29, 2016

Next years theme for Gathering in the Desert...

More info to follow within the next few weeks, but dates for next year will be February 18-19th 2017.

GitD Staff

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Allies Win!!!

Allies Win!!!!
So, Gathering in the Desert Operation Torch 2016 is in the books and it was a huge success!
I need to thank my Staff (Shannon Kulinski, Mike Wilster & Robert Brightwell) for all their support and help. I would also like to thank Darren Johnson of Imperial Outpost Games, our home for many GitD's, Darren has always been a supporter of Gathering and he was more than happy to host us again. Also a big thanks to Gorgon Studios for the free figure everyone got, thanks Hank!
I would also like to thank all the players that attended this year, without you, there is no Gathering in the Desert! This year we had folks come in from Chicago, Minnesota and North Dakota to play in this event. It always amazes me that folks will travel to my little event from other states.
So as the title states, the Allies swept the Axis right out of Africa with huge victories and locked up the campaign leaving no doubt this weekend matched real history. All of the Allied players received a trophy for their efforts.
The Best General awards for each side went to John Stentz from Minnesota with his Americans. Tom Opalka a local Phoenix guy got the other award for his Italians. Jeremy Williams from Chicago took the Best Appearance/Theme award for his beautiful Italians. Pictures will be posted in a few days of all the action at GitD.
Now, as stated at the event, the winners of this years event have a choice of what the theme for next years event will be. the choices are, but not limited too, Pacific, Eastern Front, Normandy. So if you attended GitD, sound off on what your vote is for.
Once again thanks to everyone, we will see you again next year!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Scoring Information & other Stuff

Okay this year we are doing things a little different from previous Gathering in the Desert events. This year the focus is on the two teams. With one side being awarded trophies for being the campaign winner. We will also be giving out two trophies for the Best Generals on each team as well as a trophy for Best Themed and Looking army.
How it all works:
Campaign Points
Each table will have 4 campaign tokens on them, these tokens are worth 5 points each and in order to claim these, you must move an Infantry unit into bases to base contact with the token and do nothing else that turn. At the start of the next turn, you have acquired the token and it now moves with the unit. You must retain this token until the end of the game. If the unit carrying the token is destroyed, then it is left on the table. Only one unit can claim a token per regardless of how many tokens it acquires. The token may be given to a mounted unit or another unit. But it takes a full turn to transfer this to the new unit and you must be in base to base contact with it.
So at the end of the game, count up how many tokens you have possession of. Each token is worth 5 points, so there is a total of 20 points on each table. Now if you win the scenario (per the instructions of the scenario) you will gain a bonus of 5 campaign points to your total, so for example if you collect up all 4 tokens and get the scenario win, you would get 25 Campaign points for your side. If you only get the victory in the scenario and no campaign points, then all you get is 5 Campaign points for the win. This means you could lose the scenario and still get more points if you secured more campaign tokens then your opponent. These campaign points will be tallied up to determine just how well each side is doing in the campaign.
Best Generals
We will be awarding a trophy to the best generals on each side by tallying up the wins ands and campaign points each general has secured for his team. So be aware that if someone goes 5-0 for game wins but fails to secure enough campaign tokens, you may not be the best general.  It is a combination of Wins & Campaign points.
Best Themed & Appearance
Each player will be given a voting sheet to vote on the Best Themed & Appearance award, the Store Staff Employees and the GitD Organizers will also be judging the award as well.
Score Cards
In years past, you have had a packet to carry around that had your score sheet for each game that you turned in. This year you will be given a score card to carry with you and you will turn into the GitD staff after each game. We will record these back and give these to your Team Captains so they can assign you to your next table. Please do not lose this card.
Team Captains
This year will also be different in the aspect that you will report to your team captain/commander. He will be responsible for given you your table assignments. The Commanders will be able to put you on any table and with any opponent more than once, the only stipulation is that you cannot play the same person twice in a row or on the same table twice in a row. This represents them having a bigger view of the campaign being fought. They will also try to match up the best armies that have the best chance at winning. This is a new element and will make this much more than a regular tournament.
In addition, the Commanders will be given Strategic Asset cards to hand out from turn to turn. These can be additional units or effects in the game. The only limit is on the Dirty Dozen table; Strategic Assets may not be used. You may get the same asset from previous rounds, but the cards will be limited and it is up to the commander to see who will get what asset. So be nice to your commander!
GitD Staff
As some veteran GitD attendees are aware, the GitD staff will not talk or give out scores to anyone during the event (or Saturday night at dinner!) but will be more than happy to talk after the event is over. Also, we are all mature enough to remember that this is supposed to be a fun event, if rules issues come up, try to deal with them yourselves, if you call over a GitD staff member to make a ruling on something, that ruling is final, no if’s, butts or coconuts! So please make an effort to work out the issue amongst yourselves first before calling over a judge to make a ruling. If you have issues with the ruling, you may talk it over after the event with the staff, we are not perfect and make mistakes as well.
So good luck to everyone, I am looking forward to this new format and look forward to seeing some great Bolt Action games next weekend.
GitD Staff

Friday, February 12, 2016

Operation Torch Schedule


We are about a week away from the big event and here are a few things for the following weekend. First off here is the location to the venue:

Imperial Outpost Games
4920 W Thunderbird Road
Glendale AZ 85306

They are located behind the Arbby's and you can't miss them. If you need to call, just ask for Tim or Mike, we will be there early on Saturday.

Here is the schedule of the weekend:

Saturday 2/20/2016
9:00 - 9:45 Registration and Check In
10:00 - 12:30 Game One
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch Break and Paint Judging
1:30 - 4:00 Game Two
4:00 - 4:45 Break and Paint Judging continued
4:45 - 7:15 Game Three
7:45 - ??? Group Dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery (7640 West Ball Road, Glendale AZ 85308)

Sunday 2/21/2016
9:00 - 10:00 Check In and Group Picture
10:00 - 12:30 Game Four
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch Break and Paint Judging
1:30 - 4:00 Game Five
4:30 - 5:00 Awards

Please make sure to bring at least 5 army lists (for your opponents) as well as all your rulebooks and dice. Don't worry about Order Dice, bring what you have, we will be providing tokens to draw for instead of dice, but you will still use your dice to mark your own units.

Look forward to seeing all of you in a week...

GitD Staff

Monday, February 1, 2016

Army List Submission

Okay folks,

Here is the list of who is coming this year for Gathering in the Desert, right now we have more allies than Axis players, looking for another person to help out with Axis, if you know someone, put them in contact with me, or we may have a Allied Player taking a Bye.

Also list must be turned in today, as well as funds need to be paid, although funds can be paid on the day of the event. Looking forward to this, hope you all are as well.

GitD Staff

Name Army  List  Received List Checked Paid
Brent Sinclair Americans X
William Kilgore  Americans X X X
Robert Brightwell British
Kyle Toth British X X
Aaron Schmidt British X
Eric Brooks Free French X X X
John Stentz Americans X X X
Susan Davidson Free French X X
Jeff P Americans X X X
Mike Wilster German X X X
TJ Weller X
Tom Opalka Italians X X X
Scott Van Der Horn German X X
Jerry Auteri/Mike Gingold German X X X
Jason Meyers Italians X X X
Jermey Williams Italians X X X
Bruce Romanick German X X X


Monday, January 11, 2016

Gathering in the Desert Update


We are about a month or so out from GitD Operation Torch, hope you are all putting the finishing details on your armies.

I have a few quick announcements for the event,

First up, Army Lists. I need these all by February 1st, so I can look over them and notify you if there are any issues you need to correct. You can send them to You don't need to wait until then, the sooner you get them to me the better. Also the day of the event, please bring 5 copies of your lists to give to your opponents during the weekend. I will have your lists onsite, but will not be able to print them, so make sure you bring them.

Secondly, make sure to bring all of your supplies for your games (rulebook, supplement book, dice, something to draw dice from, models!). I only have a limited amount of extras of my own stuff to lend out. But the good news is the shop we are playing at will have supplies.

Thirdly, for all you returning veterans of GitD past, this year we are not supplying lunch, so you will have to either bring your own or get something around the shop. For out of towners, there is a Arbys, Taco Bell, Mexican Burrito place, Mr. Goodcents Sandwhich as well as a Korean BBQ all within walking distance of the shop. We will be providing Soda, Water and snacks, but not real food. Also on Saturday night we usually all go out to dinner as a group (Dutch of course). As we did a a few years ago, we will be going to Rock Bottom Brewery 7640 W. Bell Rd. Glendale, AZ 85308. So if you can make it, we would love for you to go.

Fourth, Prizes. Since this is not a tournament and more of a campaign event, prizes will be a little different this year. We will be giving out trophies to the winning side of the campaign. So that means one whole side will win a trophy. The other side will not, such is life in war. We will also be giving out two trophies, one for each side for Best Generals which will be a combination of overall wins and how many campaign points collected. and lastly we will give out one prize for Best Appearance & Theme, which will be voted on by all players. We may have a few other prizes to hand out from round to round as many GitD vets know. (Who remembers the "I Like Fire" or the "I Can't Hit the Table" awards).

Also the winning side will also have a pick at what the Theme will be the following year if this works as well as we hope.

Fifth, Games and tables. In years past, I have always assigned tables for players, this year there will be two team generals, one for each side. These Generals will be assigning you to your tables as well as handing out Strategic Asset cards for you to use in the game. The Generals will be determined by the GitD staff. The generals will assign you to a table and you may fight someone more than once depending on what your General decides to do. The only stipulation is that you can not play someone twice in a row on the same table. Also the Generals will have intel (aka opponents armies they are playing) to try to do the best match ups as possible.

Scenarios will be set for each table, so that means each table will be playing a different scenario. This is another aspect that the Generals will know about and will give them intel as to what armies should be fighting on better scenarios.

 Lastly, this is a new format for GitD, we would like to think we though of everything, but there may be issues that crop up. The GitD staff will handle them as best as we can, but we do have the final word. We look forward to seeing all of you in a next month.

GitD Staff