Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coverage from GitD 2011

In years past Gathering in the Desert has had some awesome tables, this year was no exception. So for those who could not be there this year, here are a few shots of the tables for GitD 2011.

Table number one was modeled after the great watchtower of Weathertop. This table first debut at GitD 2010 and is always a fan favorite. The Weathertop model is from Castle Kits and the board is from Games Workshop and is the Realm of Battle board. It was built and painted by Tim Kulinski.

Table number two is a generic board and utilizes another Games Workshop Realm of Battle Board along with GW trees and hills. Robert Brightwell built and painted this board.

Table three is another generic board that uses the GW Realm of Battle Board as well as the hills. The river is from Pegasus Hobbies and the trees were scratch built. Robert Brightwell also built and painted this board.

Table four is to made to look like Mirkwood using GW trees and GW's grass mat for the base. Tim Kulinski built and painted the trees and rough ground pieces. This table debut in GitD 2009.

Table number 5 was built this year and is to represent Isengard. The scaffolding and other accesseries, as well as the board were built and painted by Tim Kulinski.

Table six is Harad and uses Pegasus Hobbies Palm Trees and building by Crescent Root. This board made it's debut ant GitD 2009 and was built by Tim Kulinski.

Table seven is Amon Hen and it first appeared at GitD 2009, it uses GW trees and a Realm of Battle Board. The Amon Hen was scratch built following the GW templates in the Fellowship Journey book. This board was built and painted by Tim Kulinski.

Table eight is Osgilith and is brand new for 2011. In years past Tom Opalka built the Osgilith table and has gone through many changes. Well Tom sold his terrain so it was decided to build another table using the GW Osgilith terrain. Tim Kulinski built and painted this terrain.

Table nine comes from the talented Jeremy Williams and represents the town of Bree, more to the point, the Prancing Pony Inn. Jeremy built and shipped the Prancing Pony this year even though he would not be able to attend due to going to school in Italy! The other buildings were supplied by Imperial Outpost.

Table 10 was Moria and was built this year for Gitd. The rocks were cast from Woodland Scenic molds with dental plaster. The pillars are from GW and the rest of the board was scratch built. Tim Kulinski built and painted.

So we hope to see you next year and as always, there will be new tables to fight over. Also here are a few pictures from throughout the weekend of battles happening on this awesome looking terrain.



  1. Looks like some really lovely stuff I especially like the look of the Rohirrim. I wish could have been there it looks like it was an awesome tournie!


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