Monday, February 24, 2014

Gathering in the Desert Operation Scorpion Coverage


GitD2014 is in the books, we had no major issues and everyone seemed to have a great time. I would like to thank a few people, first, the GitD Staff (Shannon, Mike, Ted, Jerry and Rob). Secondly thanks to Darren at Imperial Outpost, our site for this years GitD, in fact Imperial Outpost has hosted 4 out of 6 years. I would also like to thank Dave over at Crusaders Retreat as well as Warlord games. Also a big thank you to Gorgon Studios for the awesome miniatures they supplied. And lastly to all the players that came out for this event! GitD dosn't happen unless the players come and play, so thank you!

Now to the results,

Name:                 Army         Battle   Sports   Appearance  Theme  Overall
Jeremy Williams   Japanese      9        27         50                 8           94
Brent Sinclair            US          8        26          41                10         85
Tim Parker                British     6        22          39                 6          73
Randy Burnett           US          6        29          29                4          68
Chris Thomas            German   13      27          23                4           67
TJ Weller                  German    15     24          22                4          65
Robert Brightwell      German     1      31          28                4          64
Kyle Toth                  German     13    22          25                4          64
Dragi Vuckovich        German     3      25          28                4          60
Mike Wilster              US            3      24          28                4           59
Tony N                      British       9       24          21                4          58
Dean Vuckovich        Russian     4       24          23                 6          57
Susan Davidson         German     3       29         19                 4           55
Jeff Plaine                  Russian      7      22          14                4           47

Best Overall Winner - Jeremy Williams
Best Allied General - Tony N
Best Axis General - TJ Weller
Best Appearance - Brent Sinclair
Best Sportsman  - Robert Brightwell
My Dice Have Failed Me - Jeff Plaine

One thing I would like to mention, you will notice that the Battle scores are rather low compared to the other scores. Warlord Tournament packet that they released last year has wins being three points, ties being one point and a loss being zero points. I had a feeling these may be a bit low and I was right. But since this was the first year I ran with it but I will be making some changes in future events.

I will be posting up pictures later this week, but if you want to see some videos, one of the players Randy Burnett posted some video coverage on Youtube here:
Day One

Day Two

So stay tuned for pictures...

GitD Staff


  1. Curiosity overcomes me -- does anyone ever play the Poles or the French?

  2. Tim it was a great event and I had a lot a fun. This is one of the best events in our gaming community and thank you for hosting it.