Monday, February 15, 2016

Scoring Information & other Stuff

Okay this year we are doing things a little different from previous Gathering in the Desert events. This year the focus is on the two teams. With one side being awarded trophies for being the campaign winner. We will also be giving out two trophies for the Best Generals on each team as well as a trophy for Best Themed and Looking army.
How it all works:
Campaign Points
Each table will have 4 campaign tokens on them, these tokens are worth 5 points each and in order to claim these, you must move an Infantry unit into bases to base contact with the token and do nothing else that turn. At the start of the next turn, you have acquired the token and it now moves with the unit. You must retain this token until the end of the game. If the unit carrying the token is destroyed, then it is left on the table. Only one unit can claim a token per regardless of how many tokens it acquires. The token may be given to a mounted unit or another unit. But it takes a full turn to transfer this to the new unit and you must be in base to base contact with it.
So at the end of the game, count up how many tokens you have possession of. Each token is worth 5 points, so there is a total of 20 points on each table. Now if you win the scenario (per the instructions of the scenario) you will gain a bonus of 5 campaign points to your total, so for example if you collect up all 4 tokens and get the scenario win, you would get 25 Campaign points for your side. If you only get the victory in the scenario and no campaign points, then all you get is 5 Campaign points for the win. This means you could lose the scenario and still get more points if you secured more campaign tokens then your opponent. These campaign points will be tallied up to determine just how well each side is doing in the campaign.
Best Generals
We will be awarding a trophy to the best generals on each side by tallying up the wins ands and campaign points each general has secured for his team. So be aware that if someone goes 5-0 for game wins but fails to secure enough campaign tokens, you may not be the best general.  It is a combination of Wins & Campaign points.
Best Themed & Appearance
Each player will be given a voting sheet to vote on the Best Themed & Appearance award, the Store Staff Employees and the GitD Organizers will also be judging the award as well.
Score Cards
In years past, you have had a packet to carry around that had your score sheet for each game that you turned in. This year you will be given a score card to carry with you and you will turn into the GitD staff after each game. We will record these back and give these to your Team Captains so they can assign you to your next table. Please do not lose this card.
Team Captains
This year will also be different in the aspect that you will report to your team captain/commander. He will be responsible for given you your table assignments. The Commanders will be able to put you on any table and with any opponent more than once, the only stipulation is that you cannot play the same person twice in a row or on the same table twice in a row. This represents them having a bigger view of the campaign being fought. They will also try to match up the best armies that have the best chance at winning. This is a new element and will make this much more than a regular tournament.
In addition, the Commanders will be given Strategic Asset cards to hand out from turn to turn. These can be additional units or effects in the game. The only limit is on the Dirty Dozen table; Strategic Assets may not be used. You may get the same asset from previous rounds, but the cards will be limited and it is up to the commander to see who will get what asset. So be nice to your commander!
GitD Staff
As some veteran GitD attendees are aware, the GitD staff will not talk or give out scores to anyone during the event (or Saturday night at dinner!) but will be more than happy to talk after the event is over. Also, we are all mature enough to remember that this is supposed to be a fun event, if rules issues come up, try to deal with them yourselves, if you call over a GitD staff member to make a ruling on something, that ruling is final, no if’s, butts or coconuts! So please make an effort to work out the issue amongst yourselves first before calling over a judge to make a ruling. If you have issues with the ruling, you may talk it over after the event with the staff, we are not perfect and make mistakes as well.
So good luck to everyone, I am looking forward to this new format and look forward to seeing some great Bolt Action games next weekend.
GitD Staff

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