Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gathering in the Desert Postponed


Mike and I have been talking about Gathering in the Desert 2017 and we have come to a decision of postponing the event to a further date. There are a few factors that have made us push back the event.

The biggest factor is the status of the new edition of the rules. It is no secret that we are getting a revamp of the 1st edition rules. The rumor mill is that Warlord is only going to update the rules by adding in the errata and clarify certain rules. 

While this sounds fine, we have seen many game companies "update" the rules which has changed them completely and we just want to make sure this doesn't happen with the latest edition.

Along with the update of the main rules, the Germany army book is getting updated as well. We don't know what this update will do, but we would rather see first what the changes are.

So for now, Gathering in the Desert will be pushed back until we have had a chance to evaluate the newest changes and see if we should continue with Bolt Action.

Another reason to push the event back is that there is another Bolt Action event happening in Las Vegas in Febuarary at the Las Vegas Open. Now this event doesn't effect us since it is a two weeks before GitD, but I would like to see what they do with the new rules and let them do a shake down tourney with the new rules.

And lastly, we are thinking of possibly changing GitD to another system, talks have been about Konflict 47, since it is close to Bolt Action and this member of the staff would like to do,a Blood Bowl event. So we are going to take some time to decide which way we want to go with GitD.

So we apoligize for any issues this may cause, but we want to make sure we run a stellar event and are familiar with which ever rules or games we do.



  1. What is the current status of this event
    Is it a tournament?
    Why not just a game day?
    Please keep it a historical rule set if you change it
    How about Battlegroup rules
    I only ask this because we are thinking of moving to Az from Ohio and would love to start playing there

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