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Operation Torch 2016 GitD info

Operation Torch 2016 Information

War has once again come to the Valley of the Sun! The Axis powers are gathering their forces for conquest but the Allies have other plans to thwart them. Do you have what it takes to do battle in the valley of the Sun? Will you side with the Axis or take up with the Allies, the choice is yours.

The Gathering in the Desert crew are back with a new campaign event for Bolt Action by Warlord Games called Operation Torch. This is a two day Grand Operation event which will test your skills on many levels with many unique scenarios.

When: February 20th – 21rd, 2016
Where: Imperial Outpost Games, 4920 West Thunderbird Road, Glendale, AZ 85306
Cost: Pre registration $20.00 after January 1st price increases to $40.00
Games: Operation Scorpion will have 3 Games on Saturday & 2 Games on Sunday with awards following.

Armies: Will be chosen from the below lists and must be fully painted.

How to Register: We will accept payments through PayPal or cash if you are local.
PayPal should be sent to
Pre - registration closes January 1st 2014

Questions and list submissions sent to:

Tournament Details:
This is a themed campaign event that is focused on the American landings in North Africa on November of 1942 and battles in 1943. Only certain armies and army lists will be used for this event. Armies will be 1000 points each with 12 order dice maximum. You will use the same army list for the entire event and you must bring 6 copies of your list (one for the judges and one each for the players).

Army lists will be selected from these army selectors below which represent armies that fought during Operation Torch landings and Tunisia Campaign. We have made some modifications to some of the lists to make them more historical.

There are 20 spots for this event broken down to 10 Allied and 10 Axis spots. It will be first come first severed to pick sides, so register early to lock in your side.

Allied Lists
1942 Operation Torch – page 55 Armies of United States
1943 Kasserine Pass – page 57 Armies of United States.

1942 – Operation Lightfoot 8th Army – page 74 Armies of Great Britain
1942 – 1943 Tunisia 1st Army – page 75 Armies of Great Britain. No Veteran Infantry, no Paratroopers.

Free French – Vichy list – page ??, Armies of France and the Allies. No Char B tanks, No Somma S35 tanks.

Axis Lists
1942-1943 Rommel’s Defeat – page 79 Armies of Germany – No Assault rifles, You may substitute Heer Infantry for Fallschimjager squads (early war).

1940 – 1943 The Warin Africa – page 11 Armies of Italy and the Axis.

Vichy List – page ??, Armies of France and the Allies. No Char B tanks, No Somma S35 tanks.

Since this is a campaign event, scenarios will be set on each table and will be published in the near future. Besides tracking win/draw/loss, we will also be tracking how well each side does in the campaign by adding up asset tokens from round to round. Prizes will be given out to the winning side of the campaign. More details to follow.

Armies will be judged for theme and appearance by judges and the players with prizes for the best themed army for each side.

More details to follow…

GitD Staff

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