Monday, January 11, 2016

Gathering in the Desert Update


We are about a month or so out from GitD Operation Torch, hope you are all putting the finishing details on your armies.

I have a few quick announcements for the event,

First up, Army Lists. I need these all by February 1st, so I can look over them and notify you if there are any issues you need to correct. You can send them to You don't need to wait until then, the sooner you get them to me the better. Also the day of the event, please bring 5 copies of your lists to give to your opponents during the weekend. I will have your lists onsite, but will not be able to print them, so make sure you bring them.

Secondly, make sure to bring all of your supplies for your games (rulebook, supplement book, dice, something to draw dice from, models!). I only have a limited amount of extras of my own stuff to lend out. But the good news is the shop we are playing at will have supplies.

Thirdly, for all you returning veterans of GitD past, this year we are not supplying lunch, so you will have to either bring your own or get something around the shop. For out of towners, there is a Arbys, Taco Bell, Mexican Burrito place, Mr. Goodcents Sandwhich as well as a Korean BBQ all within walking distance of the shop. We will be providing Soda, Water and snacks, but not real food. Also on Saturday night we usually all go out to dinner as a group (Dutch of course). As we did a a few years ago, we will be going to Rock Bottom Brewery 7640 W. Bell Rd. Glendale, AZ 85308. So if you can make it, we would love for you to go.

Fourth, Prizes. Since this is not a tournament and more of a campaign event, prizes will be a little different this year. We will be giving out trophies to the winning side of the campaign. So that means one whole side will win a trophy. The other side will not, such is life in war. We will also be giving out two trophies, one for each side for Best Generals which will be a combination of overall wins and how many campaign points collected. and lastly we will give out one prize for Best Appearance & Theme, which will be voted on by all players. We may have a few other prizes to hand out from round to round as many GitD vets know. (Who remembers the "I Like Fire" or the "I Can't Hit the Table" awards).

Also the winning side will also have a pick at what the Theme will be the following year if this works as well as we hope.

Fifth, Games and tables. In years past, I have always assigned tables for players, this year there will be two team generals, one for each side. These Generals will be assigning you to your tables as well as handing out Strategic Asset cards for you to use in the game. The Generals will be determined by the GitD staff. The generals will assign you to a table and you may fight someone more than once depending on what your General decides to do. The only stipulation is that you can not play someone twice in a row on the same table. Also the Generals will have intel (aka opponents armies they are playing) to try to do the best match ups as possible.

Scenarios will be set for each table, so that means each table will be playing a different scenario. This is another aspect that the Generals will know about and will give them intel as to what armies should be fighting on better scenarios.

 Lastly, this is a new format for GitD, we would like to think we though of everything, but there may be issues that crop up. The GitD staff will handle them as best as we can, but we do have the final word. We look forward to seeing all of you in a next month.

GitD Staff


  1. Tim, great job! Sounds like you are really making it fun and different for the players instead of a normal 2 day 5 game tournament.

  2. Sounds great Tim, definitely excited to come down. One note on dice it might be good to pass along is to bring two sets (2 different colors) of order dice in case your opponent brings the same color. I have sand colored dice for my "desert" army which got me thinking that other folks might have done the same thing. :)

  3. Well, we have though of that and everyone that plays will get custom tokens to use for the event. You will still need your dice, to put your order next to your unit, but not for the pull.