Monday, February 1, 2016

Army List Submission

Okay folks,

Here is the list of who is coming this year for Gathering in the Desert, right now we have more allies than Axis players, looking for another person to help out with Axis, if you know someone, put them in contact with me, or we may have a Allied Player taking a Bye.

Also list must be turned in today, as well as funds need to be paid, although funds can be paid on the day of the event. Looking forward to this, hope you all are as well.

GitD Staff

Name Army  List  Received List Checked Paid
Brent Sinclair Americans X
William Kilgore  Americans X X X
Robert Brightwell British
Kyle Toth British X X
Aaron Schmidt British X
Eric Brooks Free French X X X
John Stentz Americans X X X
Susan Davidson Free French X X
Jeff P Americans X X X
Mike Wilster German X X X
TJ Weller X
Tom Opalka Italians X X X
Scott Van Der Horn German X X
Jerry Auteri/Mike Gingold German X X X
Jason Meyers Italians X X X
Jermey Williams Italians X X X
Bruce Romanick German X X X


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